Is your business new to credit card processing? Tell us about your business; projected monthly sales, average ticket amount and whether your transactions will be Swiped (Card Present) or Hand-keyed (Not Present).

Are you currently using credit cards for payment? Please bring in two statements to help us establish pricing (high and low months).  Reviewing your statements allows Islanders Bank to provide the most competitive bid possible.

  • Please let us know if you are looking at another processor so we can include pricing comparisons.
How to Apply:

We can assist in completing the application and will need the following:

  • Islanders Bank Business Checking Account
  • Copy of your Business License
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation, Non-Profit Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation, or Partnership Agreement
  • Copies of current and previous processor statements
  • Copies of financial statements or tax returns (account subject to approval)