MeS Virtual Terminal Mobile: Accept payments on your phone or laptop 
MeS Virtual Terminal Mobile includes a smart device payment application along with a merchant account from Islanders Bank eliminating the need to invest in a dedicated wireless credit card terminal. With the addition of a small plug-in reader, available for most smart devices, you can save time and money anywhere you go.  This is a unique opportunity to obtain both a payment application and merchant account from one source.


  • MeS Virtual Terminal Mobile provides a simple, flexible and secure way to accept all major credit cards.  All that’s needed is a current web browser and internet connection.
  • Encryption of secure data at the point-of-swipe, PCI-compliant transaction processing with truncated card numbers and secure data storage.
  • Support for card-swiped or manually entered credit card transactions, with allowance for optional tip.
  • Processing for service-based merchants.  Card data is encrypted by the MeS Virtual Terminal software and is not stored on the local device.  Data is not decrypted until it reaches the secure MeS Virtual Terminal servers.
  • Go Paperless and have your customers sign for their purchases right on your mobile device and then email a receipt.
  • Ability to create and manage customer records on secure servers, track customer activity allowing for easy entry of new transactions or creation of recurring billing records- all available on your smart device.
  • Perfect for merchants with field sales or other mobile payment needs.
MeS Virtual Terminal:  Accept telephone, mail order and recurring payments from anywhere
By combining our all-in-one merchant account, you can have one or more sales representatives taking credit cards in multiple locations.  Simply login via the internet and you can process payments using almost any kind of device, including a desktop computer, laptop and even smart phones; including iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, Blackberry® and Android ™.  With the addition of a small plug-in reader, you can save time and money by swiping cards from a tablet, desktop or smart device.

MeS Virtual Terminal is also designed and ideally suited for handling recurring and installment payments.  Take advantage of our all-in-one real time payment processing, minimizing your expenses and making reporting and reconciliation quicker and easier to understand.


  • A robust web-based payment application that provides a simple, flexible and secure way to accept all major credit cards. All that’s needed is a current web browser and internet connection.
  • Intelligent, Easy-to-Use Input Screen automatically identifies information required by each card type.
  • Creates and Manages Recurring Payments and automates recurring or installment payment schedules.
  • Stores Sensitive Customer Information safely and securely, reducing security and compliance issues related to the storage of customer information.
  • Application Payment Interface is available to help integrate the MeS Virtual Terminal features into your operational flows.
  • Real-Time, Web-Based Reporting provides complete customer transaction history.
  • Consolidated Reporting across your sales channels and multiple accounts.
  • Electronic Chargeback Management Flows reduce resolution time.