The 24/7 Telephone Banking phone number 1-800-957-5976 is available nationwide.  With 24/7 Telephone Banking you can:

  • Inquire on your account balance
  • Inquire on your previous transactions
  • Inquire on rates at Islanders Bank
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Inquire on interest earned information
  • Inquire on interest paid information

Funds Transfers
Funds transfers between Islanders Bank accounts, require you to have ownership for both accounts.  When transferring from a checking account, you must be in the checking account menu.  To transfer funds from a savings account, you must be in the savings account menu.

Main Menu Options
1- Account Information and Funds Transfer
2- Check Verification
3- Branch Locations and Business Hours
4- Loans
6- Change Debit Card Pin
9- Complete Call
0- Transfer to a Bank Representative or leave a message
* Repeat Menu Options

Account Menu
1- Checking
2- Savings
3- Certificates of Deposit
4- Loans
9- Repeat Menu Options

If you have questions or problems, you may always dial “0” for a bank representative during business hours.