Equipment Loans
We provide financing for all types of equipment with competitive rates, responsive service and payment options to fit your business needs.
Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Working Capital Loans
We offer short to medium term loans to fund growth in inventory and accounts receivables, as well as for permanent working capital to support a growing business — or to carry you through your seasonal needs. We can provide the cash you need to fill a financing gap.
Commercial Real Estate Loans
We offer a full range of real estate loan products, including acquisition and development loans, construction loans, bridge loans, and permanent loans.   We will consider a wide array of projects, including:

  • Lot purchases
  • Owner-occupied commercial real estate
  • Investor-owned commercial real estate
  • Special purpose properties
  • Subdivision loans
Commercial MasterCard® Credit Cards
We offer commercial MasterCard® credit cards for use in business travel, expenses, supply purchases and to facilitate online commerce. MasterCard credit cards can help a small business manage expenses and simplify accounting.
Business Overdraft Protection (Demand Deposit Line of Credit – DDL)
At Islanders Bank you can attach a Demand Deposit Line of Credit (DDL) to any checking account.  A DDL is a line of credit where funds are advanced automatically to your checking account should your account balance fall below zero.  Advances will be made in $100 increments up to your credit limit.  You pay interest on the money only while you use it.  Your payment is deducted automatically from your checking account and additional payments can be made in person or via Islanders Bank Online Banking.

Contact a lender to discuss loan options, rates and terms.