Security Tips To Protect Yourself Against Email Scams
To protect yourself against email and online fraud, be very alert to and cautious of unsolicited emails you receive from companies you know or do business with, as well as businesses you may not have a current business relationship with. Internet fraudsters rely on people’s natural curiosity by sending emails with enticing subject lines or internet links. Even if you don’t enter your personal data, by clicking on a link embedded in a fraudulent email, you may inadvertently download tracking software or viruses that track your keystrokes to gain your personal information.  Do not enter any personal information via a link accessed from an unsolicited email.  If you are not sure as to the authenticity of the sender, confirm that the message is valid by using other means such as researching the sender or company on the internet and then contacting them directly.

While fraudulent emails can be difficult to recognize, beware of any email that:

  • Requests that you click a link to a spoof website, one that looks like a real company website, including the real company’s graphics and design.  Since fraudulent email may even use exact wording for the real company’s website, it can still be difficult to determine if the website is genuine. If you have any doubts, stop, do not continue and please contact your local Islanders Bank branch or send an email to
  • Asks you to give, confirm, or update sensitive personal information such as Social Security numbers, Access IDs, passwords, Personal Identification Number (PINs) or account numbers.
  • Uses Pop-Up windows for entering or confirming personal data.
  • Elicits a sense of urgency to provide personal information citing a specific repercussion if you do not respond immediately.  For example, your account may be closed or temporarily suspended.
  • Has spelling errors and/or bad grammar which may allow the email to get through spam filters used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 

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Internet email is not secure. Unlike Online Banking, internet email does not utilize encryption methods such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Please do not send sensitive information, i.e. your account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers or other account information via email.  To send emails containing account information, use the Secure Message Center available via Islanders Bank Online Banking.