Payment Processing Breaches
At Islanders Bank, protecting your identity and personal information is an everyday priority. Recently, there has been several payment processing security breaches that have impacted some of Islanders Bank’s debit and credit card holders. Islanders Bank has a policy to replace a debit or credit card that may’ve been affected by any payment processing breach.

How do I know if my card might have been affected?
A letter will be sent out to those cardholders that had a debit or credit card impacted by a payment processing breach.

What is Islanders Bank doing to help me?
We assure our customers that the actions Islanders Bank takes in response to these events are similar to those our debit card and credit card colleagues take every day to protect customers from fraud. Our fraud monitoring services are tuned to search for unusual transactions, and in many cases prevent those transactions from ever being authorized. Once a known breach has been announced, our fraud monitoring services are adjusted to monitor fraud patterns linked to a specific incident. We are continually monitoring transactions for any suspicious transactions that appear on your debit or credit card.

Why am I being contacted about transactions made on my card?
The bank will contact a customer to verify transactions that appear to be fraudulent; if fraud is detected a replacement card will be issued to you.

How can I protect myself from card fraud?
You are your best defense against fraud. You can help us protect accounts that involve your debit and credit cards by frequently and carefully reviewing your checking accounts, credit card transactions and debit card transactions. You can monitor transactions by using any of the following methods:

      • Via Online Banking
      • via Mobile Banking
      • Via Touch Tone Teller (Telephone Banking) or coming into an Islanders Bank Branch

Islanders Bank employees will never call you or send you an email asking for personal identification information. These types of requests are known as “phishing” attempts and “Phishers” will claim to be from a reputable business in order to obtain personal information. If you receive this kind of call or email, please contact 360-378-3658 to speak with our Administration staff.

What if I discover a transaction on my account that is not mine?
Contact the bank immediately, by using the number on the back of the card.

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