TruRewards® MasterCard® for Consumers: Download an Application
Experience unlimited rewards with no annual point cap, no annual fee, no cash advance fee
and balance transfer rates ranging from 5.24% APR to 9.24%APR.

  • Earn reward points per dollar of net retail purchase transactions, internet purchases, phone or mail
    order purchases, charged to your credit card.
  • Auto rental Collison Damage Waiver, Emergency Assistance 24×7 and $250,000 travel accident coverage.
  • Identity Theft Resolution Services.

No Credit History? We offer a Deposit Secured MasterCard with a $25 annual fee. Secure your account with an
Islanders Bank Certificate of Deposit Account with a balance that is equal to the desired credit limit ($300-$5,000).


Reward Options

For a complete list of reward benefits as well as terms and conditions associated with the rewards program
please visit:


  • MasterCard® support is available 24X7 at 1-866-317-0355
  • Credit Card Support is available 24X7 at 1-855-891-4821
  • Outside the US Call 1-509-526-8820
  • Lost/Stolen Phone number: 1-800-272-9933 (during business hours) 8:00 AM-5:00PM PDT
  • Lost/Stolen Phone number: 1-866-839-3409 ( after business hours)
  • Card Activation Phone number: 1-866-839-3492
  • Payment Address:   PO Box 2181 Walla Walla WA 99362-0181
  • Written inquiries to: PO Box 2181 Walla Walla WA 99362-0181
  • Payment by Phone call 1-855-891-4821
  • TruRewards® Support is available 7 days a week 6am to 7pm Pacific Time at 1-866-243-4974

How to use your chipped credit card
Islanders Bank Chip Card Q & A

Terms & Conditions
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